Quality Male Labrador Retrievers

Waterdog Specialties breeds quality male Labrador Retrievers in Wisconsin, near Milwaukee. Contact us today for more information on our quality male Labrador Retrievers.

HRCH Waterdog’s Rockhill Wizard MH ("Wizard")

fox red labrador breeding line

11/22/98 – 04/15/13: Wizard is now gone, but his legacy lives on through his offspring. He is the foundation for many of the dogs here at Waterdog Specialties.

He is the whole package! Athletic, muscular, 70lbs, fox red with a calm, quiet temperament around the house, yet a hard charger in the field. Talented marking dog. Eager worker. Extensively hunted on pheasants. Beautiful working upland dog that will hunt all day long. Also hunted on doves, ducks and geese. Wiz has his AKC Master title (MH) and is a Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) in UKC. He has many wins and placements in limited runs of the Wisconsin pheasant series.

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SHR Waterdog's Second Chance Jax ("Jax")

labrador hunting retriever breeding

Jax is a classic looking Labrador, with a big blocky head and thick tail and coat. He has a very athletic and sound build. Jax is a fantastic pheasant dog and faithful companion — he has great manners in the house. He is currently being trained for hunt tests and holds a Started Hunting Retriever (SHR) through UKC. Jax is OFA excellent and clear of EIC and weighs 75 lbs.

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HR Waterdog's Gamekeeper JH ("Ghillie")

fox red hunting retriever stud service

Ghillie is the son of HRCH Waterdog's Rockhill Wizard MH. He has an AKC Junior Hunt test title (JH) and a Hunting Retriever (HR) title through UKC. Ghillie is hunted on pheasants and has a wonderful quartering pattern and strong drive. He is a good marker and eager worker. He has a beautiful fox red coat. He is OFA excellent and is clear of EIC.

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HR Kick'n Brass Heavy Metal Thunder SH ("Gonzo")

AKC hunting retriever breeding line

Gonzo has a Senior Hunt Test title (SH) through AKC and a Hunting Retriever (HR) title through UKC. He is an intense, all work kind of guy with a great disposition and training attitude. Gonzo is well mannered, quiet and steady, but all go!

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