In-House Retriever Training

In-house Labrador retriever dog training near Milwaukee Wisconsin

Important Notice:

Currently, we are not accepting dogs for in-house, boarded training.
We will post a notice when we begin accepting dogs again.
Regular, seasonal training classes are available.
Please see the Class Schedule for more information.

Looking for the best boarded retriever training program in Wisconsin? You've come to the right place. Waterdog Specialties offers an In-House Retriever Training Program. We train all retriever breeds for both waterfowl and upland hunting.

Dogs stay at our kennel on a monthly basis, with 1-3 months as the average length of stay (minimum of one month). Space is limited. Please contact us for space and availability.

Our retriever training programs are individually tailored to meet each dog's and handler's needs. You can expect an emphasis on obedience as well as collar conditioning, bird and gun introduction and decoys on land and water. Your dog will be trained for upland and waterfowl. In addition to daily training lessons, your dog will be exercised, incorporating retrieve drills, including swimming retrieves.

Best Retriever Trainer in Wisconsin

In-house retriever training near Milwaukee Wisconsin

Doug Kennedy

It's imperative that your retriever receive proper training, and you can be confident that your retriever will be trained by the best! Waterdog's "Doug Kennedy" is a renowned, seasoned professional retriever trainer that has been training retrievers since 1973. He is a kind, ‘salt of the earth' type of trainer that makes dogs eager to work hard to learn all the skills needed to be a fine retrieving dog and loving companion.

Training Locations

Training is performed on our 64 acre property and on 725 acres at Wern Valley Game Farm. Both properties include fields for land retrieves. Wern Valley has multiple ponds for water retrieves. Your retriever will be trained in a variety of settings and conditions.

Program Information

Program fees include feeding, boarding, training equipment, supplies and professional training tailored to your dog's needs. There are no hidden training costs or fees. All dogs must be up to date with bordetello vaccination and immunizations for the health and safety of all dogs. Because training takes place in rural fields and wooded areas we recommend that your dog be on monthly heartworm as well as flea and tick medication.

In-house retriever training near Milwaukee Wisconsin

Doug and Patti Kennedy

Included in all our in-house retriever training programs:

  • Boarding
  • Feeding
  • Exercise
  • Behavior Conditioning
  • Obedience Training, On Lead & Off Lead
  • Training Equipment (bumpers, blinds, etc)


For more information on our in-house retriever training program, contact us today.

Our Services Include:

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