About Fox Red Labrador Retrievers

Fox Red Labrador retriever breeding and training kennel, near Milwaukee Wisconsin

Fox Red Labrador Retriever

There are three primary Labrador retriever coat colors: black, brown and yellow; these are the most common Labrador retriever colors. The term 'fox red' is used to describe the darkest form of a yellow Labrador color. It is really a dark reddish color. This color makes the Fox Red Labrador a unique type of Labrador retriever.

Looking for a Fox Red Labrador Retriever?

Waterdog Specialties is known for quality Fox Red Labrador breeding and training. If you’ve been looking for a quality Labrador retriever that is a different color than the common black, brown or yellow, then you've come to the right place. Waterdog Specialties owns a Fox Red stud and breeds quality Fox Red Labrador retriever puppies. In addition, as with all our quality Labrador retrievers, our Fox Red Labrador puppies come with a superior Labrador retriever health guarantee.

Contact us about purchasing one of our Fox Red Labrador retriever puppies from an upcoming litter. Ask us about our professional retriever training classes. We have a retriever training program for every stage of development.

Our Services Include:

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